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General Grand Chapter

Grand Officers' 2017 - 2018

Most Excellent Companion
Randy R. Downey, KTCH, KYGCH
Grand High Priest Royal Arch Masons
Howard Chapter No. 14 & Micki

Right Excellent Companion
Anthony T. Yuson, KYCH
Grand King, Royal Arch Masons
Ancient Chapter No. 31

Right Excellent Companion
Leland G. Routt, DSM-B, KTCH, KYCH
Grand Scribe, Royal Arch Masons
Stockton Chapter No. 2 & Leslie

Most Excellent Companion
Jerrold A. Wohlfarth, DSM-B, KYGCH, PGHP
Grand Treasurer, Royal Arch Masons
Triangle Chapter No. 155 & Norma

Most Excellent Companion
Philip Hardiman, KCT, KYGCH
Grand Secretary, Royal Arch Masons
Sacramento Chapter No. 3

Most Excellent Companion
Steven R. Goad, KTCH, KYGCH, PGHP
Grand Lecturer, Royal Arch Masons
Norris C. Viles Chapter No. 153

Excellent Companion
David E. Sokol
Grand Chaplain North, Royal Arch Masons
Shasta Chapter No. 9 & Sandy

Excellent Companion
Gary M. Iverson
Grand Chaplain South, Royal Arch Masons
Whittier Chapter No. 91

Excellent Companion
David J. Williams
Assistant Grand Secretary, Royal Arch Masons
Signet Chapter No. 57 & Nataly

Excellent Companion
Richard W. Bullard, KYCH
Grand Captain of the Host, Royal Arch Masons
San Diego Chapter No. 61 & Sharon

Excellent Companion
Raymond A. Broomfield 
Grand Principal Sojourner, Royal Arch Masons
Ventura Chapter No. 50 & Christine

Excellent Companion
R. Scott Husmann 
Grand Royal Arch Captain, Royal Arch Masons
Delta Chapter No. 27 & Robyn

Excellent Companion
Jonathan P. Dilley 
Grand Master of the Third Veil, Royal Arch Masons
Santa Monica Bay Chapter No. 97 & Janelle

Excellent Companion
Brandon H. Duenas
Grand Master of the Second Veil, Royal Arch Masons
Howard Chapter No. 14

Excellent Companion
Martin W. Maxey
Grand Master of the First Veil, Royal Arch Masons
Salinas Chapter No. 59

Excellent Companion
Daniel L. Doornbos, KYCH
Grand Orator, Royal Arch Masons
Howard Chapter No. 14 & Gillian

Excellent Companion
Morris H. Moriuchi
Grand Marshal North, Royal Arch Masons
California Chapter No. 1 & Christine

Excellent Companion
Jan L. Eligh
Grand Marshal South, Royal Arch Masons
Long Beach Chapter No. 84 & Margaret

Excellent Companion
Teodorico "TJ" Oliva
Grand Sentinel, Royal Arch Masons
Signet Chapter No. 57 & Karla
Star Royal Arch Masons of California
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