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Royal Arch Masons? General Grand Chapter
Living, Honorary, Emeritus, & Past Grand Officers
  Past Grand High Priests  
1988 Robert G. Evans, Solano Chapter No. 43  
1989 John J. Spoisdoff, Hanford Chapter No. 74  
1991 Richard D. "Ned" Kelly, Chico Chapter No. 42 Kathleen
1993 William W. Price, Solano Chapter No. 43 Vicki
1998 Donald A. Read Jr., Naval Chapter No. 35 Una
1999 George Feick Jr., Signet Chapter No. 57 Ruth
2003 Edgar W. Fentum, Palo Alto Chapter No. 93 Molly
2007 Jerrold A. Wohlfarth, Triangle Chapter No. 155 Norma
2008 Sean N. Foran, Signet Chapter No. 57 Vicki
2009 Philip A. Hardiman, Sacramento Chapter No. 3 Nancy
2010 Teddy G. Hammack, Kern Valley Chapter No. 75 Lynda
2011 J. William "Bill" Allen, Jr., Tyre Chapter No. 130 Judy
2012 Robert V. Wright, Jr., Oxnard Chapter No. 86 Janet
2013 Gary W. Spriggs, Nevada Chapter No. 6 Tina
2014 Jon D. Humphreys, Sacramento Chapter No. 3 Sylvia
2015 Steven R. Goad, Norris C. Viles Chapter No. 153  
2016 Richard D. Baskin, San Diego Chapter No. 61  
  Honorary Past Grand High Priest  
  Kenneth G. Hope, Triple Tau Chapter No. 33 Sonny
  Past Grand High Priest of Germany
Grand Secretary Emeritus
  David W. Kidder, Orange County Chapter No. 73  
  Past Grand Scribe  
  Paul Robinson, San Diego Chapter No. 61 Julie
  Dennis T. Dyer, Oxnard Chapter No. 86 Dolores
  Past Grand Treasurer  
  George Feick Jr., Signet Chapter No. 57 Ruth
  Past Grand Lecturer  
  Philip A. Hardiman, PGHP, Sacramento Chapter No. 3 Nancy
  Richard E. Horn, Whittier Chapter No. 91 Laura
  Don E. Lamoureux, Delta Chapter No. 27 Bette
  Grand Chapter Widows  
  Mrs. Tish Alexander (Mrs. Gordon C. Alexander)  
  Mrs. Linda Cerates, (Mrs. Sid Cerates)  
  Mrs. Angela Joe, (Mrs. Jack Joe)  
  Mrs. Arie Mason (Mrs. Louis Mason)  
  Mrs. Shelley Pitassi, (Mrs. Sam Pitassi)  
  Mrs. Janeen Roberts (Mrs. Russell Roberts  
  Mrs. Carolyn Sweem (Mrs. Robert Sweem)  
Star Royal Arch Masons of California
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