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Past Grand Officers
Grand Encampment
Knights Templar
2017 - 2018

Sir Knight Thomas N. Thomas
Right Eminent Grand Commander
Grand Commandery Knights Templar California
Whittier St. Johns Commandery No. 51 & Lady Pam, Companion of the Temple

Sir Knight Gregg A. Hall, KYCH
Deputy Grand Commander
San Jose Commandery No. 10 & Lady Chris

Sir Knight William A. McBroome, Jr., KYCH
Grand Generalissimo
Eureka Commandery No. 35 & Lady Leslie

Sir Knight Cirilo P. Marquez
Grand Captain General
Los Angeles Commandery No. 9 & Lady Julieta

Sir Knight David W. Studley, KYCH
Grand Senior Warden
Pacific Commandery No. 3 & Lady Hallie

Sir Knight Robert A. Spindler, KYCH
Grand Junior Warden
Auburn Commandery No. 52 & Lady Shelley, Companion of the Temple

Sir Knight Raymond E. Davies
Grand Prelate
Golden West Commandery No. 43 & Lady Elaine

Sir Knight Stephen E. Alderete, KCT, KYGCH, PGC
Grand Treasurer
St. Bernard Commandery No. 23 & Lady Susan, Companion of the Temple

Sir Knight Philip Hardiman, KCT, KYGCH
Grand Recorder
Sacramento Commandery No. 2 & Lady Nancy

Sir Knight Craig L. Flagtwet, KYCH
Grand Standard Bearer
St. Bernard Commandery No. 23 & Lady Tammy

Sir Knight Roger S. Ross, KYCH
Grand Sword Bearer
Orange County Commandery No. 36

Sir Knight Andrew M. Prutsman, KCT, KYCH
Grand Warder
Whittier St. Johns commandery No. 51 & Lady Mary Ann Companion of the Temple

Sir Knight Paul D. Erickson, KCT, KYCH
Grand Sentinel
San Luis Obispo Commandery No. 27
Star Knights Templar of California
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